3/8" Cube Embed Mold, Silicone, Soap Embed, Bath Bomb, 160 cavity, Two Wild Hares

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This mold is perfect for making color tab embeds for bath bombs or m&p cubes to decorate the tops of soaps! Each cavity is 3/8" square. Entire tray is 9 1/4" by 4 3/4". They come in a random assortment of colors. It's a soft silicone that easily releases.

For bath bomb color tabs, I would get one tray for each color, load them up, let them dry & pop them out. Bam! 16o color tabs made quickly for each tray. No more one agonizing time spent embed at a time with a spoon. These would make really cute square decorations on flat bombs too.

For melt & pour soap decor, these make adorable clear ice cubes for Frozen or icy themed soaps. Just pour, pop them out & sprinkle them on the top of another soap for decor. I like that it makes so many in one shot.

The Cube Embed Mold is microwave & freezer safe, made with food grade silicone. It’s reusable & nonstick, easy to use & clean. Temperature range is -40F to 446F. Just wash with warm soapy water to clean it between uses.

***NOTE: Silicone molds are not universally non-stick. Mold release agents must be used with some products, like resin. Not using it will result in a torn mold.

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Very happy with my purchases! Will be a repeat customer! 😁 thank you!

Perfect bath bomb embed mold

I have to learn how to work with it, but I’m very pleased the way it came out on my first try.

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