3 in 1 BATH BOMB EMBED Mold, Star, Heart, Gumdrop in 1 Mold, 36- 7/8" Cavities, Hard Plastic, Bath Bomb Making Tool, Two Wild Hares

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Our 3 in 1 BATH BOMB EMBED MOLD is a versatile embed bath bomb mold. It has 3 shapes in one mold- a heart, star & a gumdrop shape. It is literally the perfect size at 7/8" across the widest part of the embed and approx 5/8" deep. Set in bombs so the shape is appears as the bomb fizzes out. Each cavity is gently tapered so the embeds slide right out.

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Hard plastic is easier than silicone to pack embeds in. Pack your mix in the mold, flip over to unmold (tapping if need be for a few) & reuse the mold right away. Or, buy 2 and swap so they can sit a few minutes while you pack your second mold. Don’t dry embeds in the mold or they won’t come out easily.

Overall mold size is approx. 11"x4".

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Excellent thanks

I already have one of these - most definitely the best ever for embeds. The reason I ordered a second one, is, I only make one smallish batch embeds at a time (non professional/ not a seller/ friends and family only) which is fine - but …. sometimes I need to do an embed day lol especially when getting low on most used colours. Which always seems to happen at the same time. This tray is fantastic - much much better than a U.K. one I ordered & used once. Lovely size, great shapes, I’ve also used the heart shape gently pressing in to top of bath bomb Valentines. 5* & thoroughly recommend.

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