4″ BIG DADDY Bath Bomb Mold (102mm), Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Won't Dent, Two Wild Hares

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BIG DADDY is a 2 piece heavy duty bath bomb mold in 4″ (102mm) diameter & 1 mm thickness. It's custom made for Two Wild Hares from high quality stainless steel. This mold makes MASSIVE bath bombs. A 3.8" softball FITS INSIDE this mold!

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Embed this 4" monster with smaller color bombs, glitter bombs or toys, make giant bombs for luxo baths or to break up for multiple uses. Big Daddy Mold makes giant novelty bath bombs at over 1 pound each that bath bomb lovers just can't resist.

These molds match up flush on the rim when forming bath bombs, can take rigorous tapping & don't dent with tapping. These are forever molds & bath bomb making is just more enjoyable with better equipment. Start with the best!

This listing is for one set of 4″ molds. Other molds or products shown are for example purposes only.

For packaging, the Big Daddy fits in our 6.5x10.5" polyolefin shrink bag:

6.5"x10.5" PVC:

We carry 11 sizes of heavy duty stainless steel bath bomb molds individually from 1" to almost 8" across! We have a few sets available for some savings too. Make ALL the sizes!

Here are links to our sets:

Regular Bomb Mold set has 4 sizes including 1.5", 2", 2.5" & 3":

Mega Set has 1.5", 2", 2.5" 3" & 3.5":

Lucky 7 Set in includes 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 & 4":

The Baby-Daddy Set is the smallest & biggest molds we have, which is the 1" & 4":

The XXL Bath Bomb Mold Collection includes all 5 of our giant molds (4", 4.72", 6", 7" & 7.87")

Collect all the sizes!

**PLEASE NOTE: These molds come to me with a little residual oil/grease left from the manufacturing. Please give them a wash with detergent or citric acid & baking soda prior to use.

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Size is just what I needed. Thanks

When they call this the big daddy … they mean it , I love it , but it is 100x bigger than my brain pictured it to be hahahaah

product as described, great product.

A big daddy for sure! I love it! Excellent quality, customer service & lightening fast shipping! Thank you😀

I love this size! If it were any bigger I wouldn’t be able to get my hands around it. Much bigger than I thought and my customers love it and say it’s perfect size for a extra large bath bomb. Shipping was quick and wrapped very well. I will purchase again from this shop! Thank you!

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