TEDDY BEAR Bath Bomb Mold, 2.75" Metal, 3.5-3.75 oz Kid's Bath Bomb, Two Wild Hares

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TEDDY BEAR bath bomb mold is an adorable addition to your bath bomb line for kids. Who wouldn't love to pop him into their tub to make bath time fun? Bath time is no longer a struggle when you give your child one of these to pop into his water, trust me!

This mold is a heavy duty 0.8mm aluminum mold. It's 2 3/4" across and 1 1/2" deep. It's a great size for a kid's bath! These work so much better than plastic molds that crack. You can pack them tighter and they are useful for years to come. Makes a bath bomb that weighs 3.5-3.75 oz.

Because this mold aluminum, don't hit it with a stainless steel spoon to unmold or you will dent it. The sides are tapered so the items unmold easily, but if there is an air suction holding your bomb in, smack it with a silicone spatula and it'll pop right out.

In this same shape & size, we have a teddy bear, elephant, panda, crab, penguin & sea turtle. Get all 6!

Change up your bath bomb selection with our unique molds! We have more coming, so favorite our store to see them as they arrive in the shop. Like us on FB at www.facebook.com/twowildhares and follow us on Instagram @twhsoap

Thanks Shelli Orlando for sharing your bath bombs with us!

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