1500 POLYOLEFIN Bag Set, Small/Med/Large, 500 ea size (Smell Thru Plastic) Best Bath Bomb Shrink Wrap on the Market, Two Wild Hares

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This is for a box of each of the 4x6", 6x6.5" and 6.5x10.5" bags. You'll get 500 of each size. This multi pack is at a discount over ordering them separately and it'll cover all your shrink wrap needs from small to large!

FYI: Sometimes we send these without the box if the shipping is significantly cheaper without the box. They'll be slid into a ziplock bag in this case.

**All international shipments will come out of the boxes to reduce shipping costs**

+++ Polyolefin is the packaging industry's "smell through" plastic. Different smelling abilities, product scent differences, etc, may mean you can't smell through. Try a small number with your products before purchasing a large box. We cannot return or exchange because you can't smell through them. +++

We carry 5 polyolefin bag sizes to cover all your smell through shrink wrap needs:

SMALL 4x6":

MEDIUM 6x6x5":

LARGE 6.5x10.5" (Sometimes comes as 6.5x11") for Big Daddy Bath Bombs:

XL 8x12" for small gift sets & giant bath bombs:

XXL 12x16" for gift baskets etc:

BOTH SMALL & MEDIUM (4x6" and 6x6.5") :

SMALL, MED & LG SET, 4x6", 6x6.5" and 6.5"x10.5 (This listing)

Polyolefin is a softer plastic than PVC. It shrinks without sharp edges and it’s ideal for bath & body products.

Polyolefin protects products from the elements, dust and contamination, but your customers can still SMELL the product through the packaging. Just give your item 24 hours after shrinking to be able to smell it through the plastic. It takes a day or so for the scent to work it's way through the plastic.

This plastic is considered food safe as well. It’s a great product and it’s what we use on all our soaps, bath bombs, bubbly bath bars and more. Sometimes we tie off the end and use it as a bag for items we don't want shrink wrapped.

Polyolefin shrinks easily and without the noxious fumes of PVC. It’s the ideal shrink bag for bath stuff!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE- use an impulse sealer to seal the excess bag off, then shrink with a heat gun starting at the corners and seams, moving quickly so you don’t burn through. Don't focus heat on the flat surfaces or they'll burn through. Tighten seams and corners first and be quick over flat spots. It takes a little practice to figure it out, but the result is a clean, professional looking shrink wrap when you do! YouTube has how-to videos as well.

TIP: We like Jorestech brand impulse sealers with the metal housing and Wagner 1200-1500watt heat guns. Both are available on Amazon.

*Bath bombs above are just an example of items we shrink wrap using these bags. These bath bombs are not included in this listing.

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Great packaging as always. Thanks!

Very well packaged and shipping was fast

love love LOVE these! you can definitely smell through them! perfect for my soaps and bath bombs!

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