BULK 5pc SEA Sponge, 4"-5" Size, Natural, Yellow, Bath, Cosmetic, Soap, Natural & Sustainably Harvested, Free USA Ship, Two Wild Hares

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Our sea sponges are a natural product sustainably harvested and cleaned for bathing and so much better than the plastic & petroleum artificial sponges most people are used to. These sponges are naturally antibacterial without chemicals added.

These are lovely to use on your skin. Suds absolutely pour from the holes and they make your soap last so much longer because you need very little and the sponge does the rest sudsing it up for you. They make the most luxurious bathing experience! They also make great decorations for your bathroom or beach themed decor.

This listing is for FIVE 4"-5" sponges with free shipping in the USA.

The size means at least one of the cut sides of the sponge will meet the minimum size range. All sides of the sponge may not be that big. Some sides may be bigger. Since sea sponges are natural product, size, shape, texture & color varies. Pictured are examples of the colors and shapes that are possible, but are not guaranteed in your shipment.

To Use: Just wet the sponge to soften it, wipe soap on it or add your body wash to it, squeeze and it will lather your soap like nobody’s business. When you’re finished, just rinse it in fresh water and squeeze it out and let it rest in a dry spot. Be gentle using your sponge. Natural sponges will tear apart if you're rough.

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*Soap doesn't come with this sponge, it's just an example of one thing you can do with a sea sponge- embed in your soap!

Dampen sponge in warm water to soften. I always smell the sponges individually when they're damp and any that smell too oceany I gently wash with soap before using or quickly run them through my clothes washer to freshen them.

After that, squeeze out excess water and use kitchen shears to cut them. Wring out excess water, pour soap at a light trace, plunge sponge cut in and wiggle to release air and adhere the soap well to the sponge. Soap at a cool temp to avoid damaging the sponge.

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