BULK 20 - 5" Compressed (Flat) Whole LOOFAH Center Piece, Natural Sponge, Exfoliant, Bulk Price, Two Wild Hares

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This listing is for 20 - 5” center cuts of natural loofah including one time shipping within the USA. Since they are a natural product, they vary in size, color and species, but they are the most uniform part of a natural loofah sponge since the most tapered part is cut off. The diameters range from 2-4.5". The loofahs soften when dampened and will squish into various mold shapes and sizes, so even larger ones still squeeze in smaller molds once dampened. We have both Mayan and Egyptian and send them interchangeably. They can have 3 holes or 4 holes.

**NOTE: These may come to you as compressed loofahs or round. Compressed puff up round within 10 seconds when placed in warm water. Also, occasional seeds or bits of the natural husk in or on them are normal & will rinse off with use.**

You can cut rounds from these to embed in soaps to your desired thickness. Just use a fine tooth saw or sharp serrated knife (and be careful!) For accident prone people :) we have 7/8" pre-cut pieces for soap embedding here:


To embed in loofah cuts soap: just soften & rinse the sponge in warm water, then wring it out. Once it's damp, you can squeeze the loofah cut easily so it fits into your mold. The soap adheres and embeds in the loofah better when it's damp, so be sure to dampen it before embedding.

These loofah fit very well in our massage bar molds. See pic for these soaps! (Soap not included, just an example.)

Massage Mold is available here:

We have a listing for fewer if you'd like, plus natural sponges as well. Shop around and favorite our store to see new things as they arrive.

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Good product at a good price!

I ordered these after buying some from a different vendor on Amazon that unfortunately smelled terrible and were unusable. I came to Etsy to source a better quality option, and found these. They work great and most importantly, smell fine. I've made two batches of soap with them now and can't wait to offer them in my shop after they are fully cured. I ordered the uncut ones and I have been cutting them flat with a kitchen shears before rehydrating the luffa. It works well. Thank you!

Quick delivery. Excellent product. Met all of our expectations. Thank you!

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