1lb Bulk BRIGHT PINK Bath Bomb Dye, D&C Red 28, Batch Certified, 95%, Water Soluble Powdered Cosmetic Color, Container Pack, Two Wild Hares

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BRIGHT PINK is our name for D&C Red 28. It is 95% pure dye. It's batch certified so it's legal for use in for sale products such as bath bombs and other cosmetics in the USA. Be sure you research the max usage rate and appropriate use of this dye in your products.

This is for a 1lb bulk packaged tub.

Certificate of Analysis

D&C Red 28 is water soluble. Because this dye is extremely concentrated, the dye in the bag will not be the same color dry as it is once it's dissolved in water, so don't be alarmed.

As with any colorant, lighter shades are achieved using less and darker shades achieved using more. Red 28 makes anywhere from a deep pink to a neon "Barbie" on steroids or pastel pink when used lightly. It's also a great mixer with Blue 1 to get a range of purple to lavender. (See pic) The lovely pink frosting on the unicorn by Dirt Road Bath & Body is made with red 28! Red 28 by nature is prone to u/v fade. We often use a similar colored mica to set the color in a product exposed to a lot of u/v light. Even a faded product will vibrantly color the water.

**Make note this dye is very concentrated and you use less than some of the other dyes to get the same depth of color. Take it easy with this one so you don't stain anything! Dyes are the least staining cosmetic colorant, but overuse can still result in staining.

Pictures above are:
Bright Pink dissolved in a couple different strengths in a glass, dissolved Bright Pink dye dripped on white paper, our bubble frosting colored with Bright Pink (thanks Dirt Road Bath & Body) and a bomb made with this color and blue 1 mixed to make purple.
*Other products in pictures are examples only and do not come with this listing.

Dyes dissolve in water or glycerin and must be pre-dissolved before use in bath bombs. Add a very small amount of water to a condiment cup. Use a tiny spoon (like a 0.15cc mica spoon) to transfer dye to the condiment cup. Use the minimum amount needed to dissolve the dye. You cannot add dye dry to bath bomb mix or it will result in spotty weak color in the product. Run sample tests & keep notes to see how much to use for your recipe or product to get the shade you want. More will give a richer color, less will give a pastel color.

Dyes are oil and water dispersible meaning you can add them directly to bath bomb mix without pre-dissolving. No need to "bloom" baking soda either. Just add, mix and go! They are the easiest to use bath bomb colorant and have about 1/2 the strength of dye, but are still very vibrant color.

Both dyes and lakes are u/v sensitive and can morph and/or fade in light or various pH. Some colors are more sensitive than others. Mica can be used in addition to anchor or alter visible color of products. Once dyes or lake colored products hit water, the colors will show true even if they have u/v faded or morphed. Dyes are more finicky than lakes. I personally prefer dyes for embeds and lakes for exterior product color. Dyes are finicky, but nothing is more vibrant in an embed as dye. Lakes are easy to use and easy to tweak color with and a bit more stable. Both are necessary in bath bomb making.




Please research the legality of the use of this color in your product and for where you live. Follow the usage rates and guidelines for each individual color. FD&C dyes have an important learning curve to properly use including pre dissolving, pH morphing, U/V fade and differing usage rates. Please do your research. We can't recommend any particular use or advice because it is different in all countries. No legality for a particular product or place is implied by the sale of these colorants.

FDA site:



Batch certification is what is required to be able to legally sell cosmetics in the USA using FD&C and D&C colorants. If you are selling cosmetics using colorants without batch certification, you are out of compliance with US law.


No. Our dyes are split professionally by the manufacturer in approved clean rooms, not in our place of business. Paying for the professional splitting of these dyes into small lots is very costly, but but we feel it is the best way to ensure that no cross contamination between colors has occurred. The specialized rooms these dyes are split in are designed & ventilated for this purpose. It takes several hours to clean a room between colors because the colorant powders are extremely airborne.


We carry pure dyes and only high dye load lakes in our shop, so a little goes a long way. Be sure to compare apples to apples when shopping for colorants. High dye load lakes are much more concentrated and that accounts for price difference seller to seller. So compare apples to apples. Our high dye lakes are 34-50% dye content and our water soluble dyes are 80-95% pure dye.

~Please note all sales are final on colorants. We cannot accept returns on them.

Favorite our shop to see all our lakes and dyes and new colors as they arrive. We have a lot of color sets at a discount price as well.

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Reliable source and very reasonable shipping time for certain dyes such as Red 33 which are a little more challenging to find.

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