4oz REALLY RED Bath Bomb Lake Blend, High Dye %, Cosmetic Colorant, Batch Certified, Container Packaging, Two Wild Hares

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Two Wild Hares REALLY RED bath bomb dye is a high dye lake blend. Red is the hardest color to mix and we think this is a really nice red! We had our Really Red made in a lake rather than a water dye so you will not have the trouble of having to add so much water to dissolve it that it activates your bath bomb mix. You can add it to your mix dry and get true depth of color.

Lakes are oil & water dispersible. This means you can use them dry in an oil containing product like a bath bomb without pre dissolving. Lakes color water beautifully as well.

Do not be alarmed by the color in the container. It shows itself once it's added to your product. As with any colorant, lighter shades are achieved by using less and darker shades are achieved by using more. You will have to add more if you're trying to achieve a deep red in a white product. This blend contains: Red 28, Black Iron Oxide and Red 40 Lake.

This listing is for 4oz of Really Red in a u/v protected container.

We also have a 1lb listing as well if you want to check that out.

*Blends made with batch certified components are exempt from batch certification, so this blend won't have a certification number, but it does have a COA with associated lot numbers. Basically, this blend is legal to use in sale products since it was made with batch certified components.

Follow the usage rates and guidelines for each individual color in your country. We can't recommend any particular usage advice because it varies in all countries. No legality for a particular product or place is implied by the sale of this product. Please research the legality of the use of this color in your product and for where you live. We recommend using polysorbate 80 with lakes to reduce the risk of staining. All colorants overused can stain skin and bath fixtures. Please do tests to ensure you aren't overusing a color in your products.

FDA site for USA customer reference:


Batch certification is what is required to be able to legally sell cosmetics in the USA using FD&C and D&C colorants. If you are selling cosmetics using colorants without batch certification, you are out of compliance with US law.


No. Our dyes are split professionally in approved clean rooms, not in our place of business. Paying for the professional splitting of these dyes into small lots is very costly, but but we feel it is the best way to ensure that no cross contamination between colors has occurred. The specialized rooms these dyes are split in are designed & ventilated for this purpose. It takes several hours to clean a room between colors because the colorant powders are extremely airborne. We send you the split, certified colorant in the sealed containers or bags in which they came to us from the manufacturer.


Lake dyes can contain as little as 10% dye load. The highest dye load possible in lakes is around 40%. We only carry high dye load lakes. High dye load lakes are harder to find & some sellers don't advertise the dye strength & sell the lower dye load colorants because they can offer them at a cheap price. A higher dye load means you will use less product to get the same color.

All of our colorants have the dye load listed for easy reference. Our lakes are 35-42% dye load. Our pure dyes range from 84-98% dye load. We carry lots of pure dye colors too. Check out our listings for those!

~please note all colorants are non returnable

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